Renovation and Extension, Frequently Asked Questions

Urban Scene Construction is licensed with the QBCC and are members of the Master Builders Association and the Housing Industry Association. We know that building can sometimes be a daunting, emotional time, but we want to make this an exciting and stress free experience, that is why we want you to know as much as possible so you can make informed decisions and get the most out of your renovation and building experience.

I want to build or renovate, where do I start ?

Have a understanding of what you want to achieve, have a budget in mind, talk with your builder, be open to ideas and suggestions, work with a builder that has aligned themselves with other industry professionals, can offer you guidance in your selection process that have and continue to work with the same team of people, so you have the confidence that your end result will be the one that you always imagined. Any project that requires a new building or increased living space will require the following steps.

① Contact, engage the right people to help get you started, they should be able to give you guidance and know how bring your vision to life.

② Planning and Development, the most important stage of your building process. What you do here will determine the overall success of your project.

③ Approvals, this can be done by yourself, designer or builder. It involves submission to private certifiers for council approvals.

④ Construction Once you have finalised your design and your Building Approval is in place, we can begin construction. This is the exciting part, you get to see your vision become reality.

⑤ Completion and Compliance Upon completion of construction, building compliance must be finalised and is completed in accordance with your Building Approval . The certifier will inspect the works, ensure they are of high quality, meet the conditions of your approval and are in accordance with the Building Code of Australia.

Should a builder be involved in the planning and design process ?

Yes!, this is a very important part of any project. Having designers, builders, engineers and certifiers working as a team will ensure the success of your project. Working together at the outset will mean that any potential problems can be identified and rectified prior to commencement of your project, any budget constraints can also be assessed throughout the design and planning stage. Getting it right the first time gives you piece of mind and is both cost and time effective, however this generally means committing to a builder in the planning and development phase.

How do I know if the price is right ?

All builders work differently and quotes can vary greatly, it is difficult for anyone to gage an “apples for apples” comparison unless all builders are given the same level of detail. To obtain a true comparison it is necessary to provide each builder with final plans, structural design, material specifications and a list of fixtures and fittings.

Cheapest isn’t always best, PC allowances can differ greatly and the use of correct materials for each situation should be considered. You want to avoid hidden extras or a house that is poorly finished and of inferior quality.

Obtaining 3 builders quotes will generally give you a comparative overview, when you select builders that are of similar caliber and reputation. Consider builders and that have done work similar to what your project requires, this way you will have similar quality expectations and know they have the expertise to renovate your home successfully.

Choose a builder that you can build a repport with, who has associated them selves with reputable suppliers and trades, will provide you with highest quality workmanship and can complete your project within a reasonable timeframe.

How do I know that my builder can handle my project ?

A good builder should be able to provide you with a schedule of works, this allows you to see who is on your project and when, giving you a very good indication of how your build will progress from start to finish. If a builder cannot provide you with this level of detail it is likely they may be unable to manage your project successfully.

Ensure your builder has a regular team of people he works with, this way you will know they have a reliable team and they know the quality of workmanship of each of their trades and nothing can be left to chance.

Communication is the key to any successful project, always know who is managing your project, not all builders operate in the same way, poor communication can result in project delays, poor project management and a poor end result.

How can I be sure my builder is licensed and insured ?

All reputable builders and/or trade contractors are issued with a license card from the QBCC confirming they are registered. You should request to see a copy of this license before you engage the services of any builder.

All builders are required to have Public liability insurance in place in case any one is injured on your property whilst under construction, ensure they are adequately covered.

We will always include a copy of our builders license and our certificate of insurance at time of contract signing.

Is my building work insured ?

All residential works over $3300 must be insured by the QBCC which is covered for a period of six years. Only licensed building contractors are able to have their work insured.

In addition we encourage you to check that your home is covered by your current insurance provider whilst undertaking any major construction on your property, as your situation has changed so may your level of cover.